My 250 Words on Writing Tips for Those Who Would Rather Not

Before you begin, see if you can state in a couple sentences what this writing will be about. Why are you writing it for?

A subject is not necessarily enough to get started. You have to figure out your angle. What is it you want to say about your subject? What’s your new take on it?

To get writing, have a discussion with yourself or with a good friend or colleague, as if it was a letter. “Dear Friend, I want to write about tigers and how they’re becoming extinct. I’d also like to say this about it. And, oh yeah, there’s also that piece that would be good to mention . . . Maybe my point is that as a business owner, we should be more conscious of what we’re doing to the tigers.”

If facts and figures are needed, gather and read over before you start to write. This will put the information up front in your mind.

When you are ready, spill it out. Don’t worry about how it sounds. Too many people get hung up on having to “write it right.” Just let it flow.

Some may prefer an outline. Use asterisks instead of numbers, so you don’t get stuck trying to get them in the “right” order.

Remember that we are all creative beings. Some are just more in touch with it than others. Get quiet and listen for your muse.

If you can’t write, get up and walk, do something else while it steeps in your head.

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